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11 Wallpapers The Twilight Saga

Hello :) Here are my last Twilight Saga wallpapers. Yes my last.
I somehow got inspired by some of the promo shot for Breaking Dawn part 2 and I started making these wallpaper. I've been working on them for weeks, creating the backgrounds that represent the Twilight Saga, to choosing photos, cutting them out, blending them, manipping them,colouring etc.
For the past 4 years I've posted hundreds of wallpapers, several banners and posters, and more than a thousand icons about this Saga we all love.

Whether or not you still love the Saga now, you did at one point. Maybe it was because of one of the books, or the movies, a specific character, a certain actor or actress, somehow you fell in love with the Saga. As did I. This is my creative goodbye to the Saga, I wanted to just create some final wallpapers, just to close this part of my life.

I hope you can enjoy these wallpapers as much as I enjoyed making them. I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a comment :)

This wallpaper is based on the idea of finding a book (cause the characters came to life in a book)/photo album in 150 years and in there you would see photos from this beautiful, sweet and loving family. I carefully picked photos of the characters in where they are smiling and look happy (rare for some characters, Edward!). By accident they are all looking to their left. Next I searched for some photos of burned pages. The background has a grungy style to it, I decided to add some classic Twilight trees and colour everything blue. Because a book and some flying pages above it looked kind of simple and boring, I decided to go all out and blend a lot of flames, sparkles and other things around the photos to match with the burned pages.
This is my goodbye wallpaper!


The wallpapers series below are my homage to the independent characters. I selected my favorite promo shots, where they look a bit cheeky/sarcastic, happy or just beautiful. From each movie I selected the photo I loved the most or the photo that represented the character in that movie the best. It was really fun to make these. And seriously I wanted to make a Bella and Edward separate wall, but seriously (pun intended) they look so damn serious and angry in all their promo shots. I looked at everything, the posters etc. So I decided to go with a photo of them together in which they look even happy!


Picture credit: team_kbitch   pattinsonlife    Nikki Reed Fan    Robsessed Pattinson    Breaking Dawn movie

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I'm Marian (hence the name ForeverM), I live in The Netherlands, a little country in Europe. I work at a travel agency for 5 days a week.

My hobby's: I love to design graphics (wallpapers, backgrounds, banners, icons etc.) and use all kinds of pictures for it. I love to read, listen to music (my I-pod contains more than 2200 songs), I'm addicted to American TV shows, I love to excercise and to run in the forest!
My very expensive favorite hobby is travelling! In my short life I've seen amazing countries and cities and I want to see a lot more, my list of places/countries to go to is so long!

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As you can see I like all kinds of music, it depends on my mood as well. I have a weak spot for movie music made by Hans Zimmer; all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, King Arthur, The Dark Knight. Other favorites are the scores from The Bourne Ultimatum and Twilight.
Another weak spot I have is the music featured on the TV show Grey's Anatomy. Their music department finds the most beautiful songs that are out there.

Favorite movies Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter's movies, Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, The Bourne Trilogy, Twilight Saga, Brokeback Mountain, Knocked Up, King Arthur, The Dark Knight and many, many more!